Improve your business process and achieve peak operational efficiencies with Intelligent Process Automation. Aside from automating individual processes, connect multiple workflows, and watch your entire process work like clockwork with automation powered by RAPFlow and RAPBot. You can mimic human action to copy and paste data, read and write to interfaces, make calculations, use AI to extract data and more. RAPBot can also perform back-end actions like calling an API or reading/writing to a database. With the ability to scale at will, you can reap maximum ROI at speed. Make your processes work intelligently with the RAPBot and RAPFlow.

  • Browser Automation
  • Scale by Automating tedious repetitive tasks like Form fills, data extraction, etc. from web-based applications
  • Windows Desktop Automation
  • Whether they are new age Windows applications or Legacy Applications, seamlessly automate them with RAPBot
  • Microsoft Office Automation
  • Save a massive amount of time and effort by letting RAPBot create reports or documents
  • Backend integration
  • Connect to backend databases or APIs in a seamless fashion, just as easily as you connect to the UI
  • SAP automation
  • RAPBot can interface with SAP GUI and automate your daily or scheduled tasks. Get your SAP system working with other processes, with no need for expensive integrations
  • Mainframe integration
  • Wanting to automate processes on a green screen system? No, problem, RAPBot can handle that with elan
  • OCR documents
  • With our inbuilt OCR, read information off documents to perform actions with RAPBot
  • Tie in with AI
  • Used in conjuction with RAPFlow, RAPBot can bring the best of Artificial Intelligence capabilities to add that much needed intelligence into your process

Achieve peak operational efficiencies with Intelligent Process Automation